Blue Star

When misfortune is enow
Wear the blue star upon your brow

Recently I’ve been spending time putting stuff into my new book of shadows, er, book. I decided that I don’t like the big books. That I wanted a little book. One that will fit in my hand or on a small altar. So, copying copying copying. And adding. Found this not always remembered tip in the Rede.

Last night I was also working on shielding. And when I read that line from the Wiccan Rede about misfortune and the blue star I got an idea.

I don’t know what works for you but when I need extra protection and shields, in addition to keeping the pretty little silver egg that surrounds me all polished and strong, I visualize something my teacher Leon taught me. It is a major visualization.

What I see when I see a pentagram, more often than any other image, is a shield. An astral sheriff’s badge if you will. (Don’t pay too much attention to me and my connections, my house shield is an airstream trailer) What I visualize when I need a super duper boost is a series of pentragrams, glowing neon blue. One in front, one behind, one on top, one below, and one that rotates through a sphere. Completely engulfing me in protection.

The question for me was, how do I keep this going while at work. It’s hard to concentrate on something like that when you’re busy. But the blue star on my brow gave me an idea.

So, I built up my blue pentagram shield last night. Got it circling around me really well. Then I connected it to my third eye where a blue star would sit on my brow. That blue star on my brow? Is now a button. As soon as I got to work I pressed the button invoking the blue star shields.

(You may of course say it just like Gomer Pyle if you like: Sha – zai -yum!

Kind of like something from a scifi fx flick, the huge shield pops out and installs itself around me. I can feel the source from my third eye long after touching it.

Does that make sense? Can you see it?

Now, all I ever have to do is press that button on my third eye and bingo, I’ve got protection.

A great protection chant that Leon taught to go along with the whirling shields:

Shield protect me
Shield surround me
Shield engulf me
With. Your. STRENGTH!

Three times, increasing in energy.

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