Bitch Be Gone and Negativity Vortex

Wait a minute, I did do something positive this weekend.

I made a new powder for my office. Recently I did some Internet surfing and found some recipes that I liked. One, a pretty little potpourri, spoke to me.

You can find it at Dancing Down the Moon. Bitch Be Gone. I made it up last night with a few substitutions. Instead of catnip I used St John’s Wort, instead of chamomile I used some of Leon’s Stress Relief tea which has chamomile in it and a few other good things, jasmine instead of honeysuckle oil. I also added my personal protection powder (blended by myself) and some Hecate oil (blended by Leon).

This isn’t about making someone else, a bitch, be gone but about making my own bitch be gone. Bring myself some peace after a stressful interaction. Some protection during and after a challenging altercation with The Village Idiot.

The powder (some of which I put aside for future use) is in a pretty little glass jar that has a silver lid that made me think of the goddess and the full moon. It sits on my desk waiting for me to need it. I can either open it during a stressful meeting or afterwards to help me chill and bring me protection. It is quite potent in the smell department and while invigorating, I only need one small whiff for it to do it’s work. (Click on the image to read the card from my new Language of Letting Go deck)

In addition to this powder, I need to cleanse my negativity vortex cup. This is a great little spell to get rid of negativity in your space. I’ve used it in my work environment for years, something a friend gave me.

Negativity Vortex Charm

Take a paper cup or coffee cup, some kind of small container. Fill it with paper clips, staples, rubber bands, bits of paper, the stuff you find at the bottom of your purse or your office junk drawer. Ground yourself thoroughly. Start swirling a vortex, widdershins, over the cup. Get the energy moving so that it starts to form a vacuum. You can chant if you like, perhaps something like “Suck suck the boss is a fuck” or… no, that might have the wrong effect. Nevermind, I’m just not a poet. Mostly I simply state my intention as I raise energy. In this case “Suck all negativity out of the room, keep my office free of strife and doom” over and over again.

To cleanse your cup and use it over again, cleanse with either water or salt or both (this means you need new scraps of paper if you use water so I tend to go with salt only).

OMG. Look what I found while surfing around for chants. $225 for an online spell. Make him/her love me. Split them up. Stop my divorce. Make them faithful. OMG. She claims she has ethics. Harumpf.

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