Just another Monday

I started to type manic Monday but it just isn’t. Not manic. Depressed to be back at work even, although the day is improving…

Things went really well this weekend. I was on point the entire time, orchestrating everything for the path of least resistance. I’m bushed. The stress level of the combination of my dad’s episode and my brother’s visit to the states was worrisome but everything went very smoothly. It’s taken over 12 of years of sobriety for the family drama queen drunk (me in case you didn’t know) to get to the point where she is the one in the family who keeps things running smoothly. Who knew! My brother enjoyed his time with us and is again talking about moving back to the Seattle area. He returns from his errands in Utah for Father’s Day and then home to France.

Dad is physically well considering. No obvious manifestations until you notice that he’s slowed down considerably, that his thinking is slow, his memory is random, and worst of all, he knows it. It was really good to have the four of us together again because it might not be this good next time. Both of my dad’s parents died after 5-6 years of strokes and slow debilitation.

I had some time to myself which was good as I needed to decompress. I did some retail therapy, got some fabric for some new summer clothes (Joann’s had spring and summer fabrics, including linen, on sale at 60% off, how could I resist?) and some beads I needed (uh huh) as well as some stuff for making candles. That has been on my list for sometime now and I just had to get it (uh huh).

Did a bit of stitching. Two pincushions, just to try my hand (I have a ways to go to make them as well as my inspirations do) but it was fun and I might make a couple to take with me to the events later this summer where I will merchant.

I also started on the embroidery for the new line of wand bags I’m working on… maybe Willow Goldentree Wands will consider a nudge sending buyers my way…

2 thoughts on “Just another Monday

  1. I’m so pleased that your father is doing ok and YAYYYY for you, Miss ex-drama queen! You must be feeling pretty good, even if a bit tired.

    Heh. You got that right. As a matter of fact, I AM feeling a bit proud of myself. It was a really good time.

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