Where am I going?

I spent the last four days, when not wrapped up in family stuff, playing with the idea of cutting my hours at work to 90%. I figured taking every other Friday off would feel absolutely amazing… And it would. But due to some things beyond my control it’s just too much to lose financially at the moment. And that is why, I think at least to some degree, I am depressed today.

I do have new website I’m working on for a client and it feels good to be back doing what it is I love doing. Populating the eNews is so frikking boring I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate being back at administrative stuff again.

There just isn’t enough actual web work to keep me interested.

I received two emails today.

One from a local temporary head hunter outfit that is requesting my resume and portfolio. I can do that this week. They never know from one day to the next what they will have to offer so it’s a pretty risky deal… Especially since I would probably end up getting jobs that were full time for maybe six weeks, instead of regular part time work at say 15/20 hours per week.

The second email is from a friend who is a publicist working with authors. Who are evidently clamoring for websites. We were already planning on getting together this week and she informed me that she plans on talking about this a lot.

And I’m back on track considering cutting back my hours.

What I have to do this

  • The software
  • The skillz
  • The inclination
  • Great part time benefits at my current employer, full benefits in fact if I work 50% or more.

What I would need to be able to do this

  • I need to manifest a new laptop if I’m going to do this. When my old clunker at home got just too darned old I gave it away and haven’t missed having a computer at home. Not one jot.
  • I would need to manifest 40% of my post tax salary to do this, more would be better
  • Get that resume up to date
  • Courage and deep breathing exercises

I don’t think I could do option 1 and I don’t know if I would like it.  But I think that perhaps option 2 just might be possible.  Need to muse on this some more…

1 thought on “Where am I going?

  1. As soon as I read “and I don’t know if I would like it” re: Option 1, I immediately thought of BLISS again 🙂

    NOT saying that something that doesn’t immediately feel ‘good’ might not be the right path. But for me…at this point in my life? If it doesn’t feel ‘good’ (unless it is absolutely necessary, like putting food on the table! lol) I won’t do it.

    Know what? I think I’ll start sending up my prayers that you get that new laptop ASAP. Sounds like you’ll be needing it, and you know what they say…

    what goes around, comes around! LOL


    hahahahahahaha! me too! Although truth to tell, I don’t think “bliss” nearly as much as I think “downstream.” That’s due to my teacher, Leon. He had many stream quotes…

    It’s safer closer to shore
    Steer the boat
    and for the life of me I can’t think of the one that I use the most.

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