Put a request out into the void and it manifests every time

I decided the other day that I would put an ad up on witchvox.com. I’m looking to form a group or coven, men and women, who are of an eclectic witchy bent in the Seattle area.

Ask and you shall receive. It works every time.

Today I went in to see what was there already and found an ad already there. Posted last Thursday

Solitaries United

Hail and welcome! I’m a solitary mostly because I couldn’t find a group to join that was (a) what I was looking for, or (b) close enough to me to make joining practical. I attend open events for Sabbats on occasion but really long for a group to be part of for the between times.

Are you interested in starting a coven, study group, etc, whatever?

I’m a crafty witch who loves making things, singing, writing songs, and any excuse to put on glitter. [snip] I’m feeling a real need for ritual in my life right now and want to explore a role as priestess. I’m hoping there are others out there who are hungry for the same things.

Let me know if you’re looking for something, too. We’ll compare notes and see if we’re looking for each other.

Well I’ll be jiggered. I have seen (and heard) the Sacred Fire Choir many times. I know who she is by appearance although she might not know me. She is also a dancer and I’ve complimented her on her dancing before. Which is very interesting because…

Last night my copy of T. Thorne Coyle’s book Evolutionary Witchcraft arrived at the library and I’ve been devouring it every chance I get. And there is a lot about devotional dance in it. And I am feeling very drawn to this, always have been but I lack discipline alone. And found myself wondering, would this new group be in to dance as a devotion or raising energy? A little google stalking ller and well, there was my answer.

I’m pretty darned excited. This might not be the right fit, too soon to know, I’m just excited that things are moving again. It’s the coldest June on record since 1891 in the Seattle area and I’ve been feeling like growth had stagnated and things were sluggish. I think that is about to change.


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