Facilitated meeting finally scheduled

I am soliciting ideas from you all… ( MAGICAL IDEAS only.  My bad, I didn’t specify… )

I’ve written up my issues and goals for resolution. I’ve sent it off for review with God’s Rottweiler. I’m registered for classes on Emotional Intelligence and Project Management and have two communication classes in the queue for Autumn. I’ve got my ducks in a row.

The meeting is scheduled for June 19th, the day after the full moon. I really want to do some kind of working the night before.

Wish list for the meeting:

  • Clearly able to communicate
  • Stay calm and don’t let him get to me, let him show his true colors without me reacting to him
  • Validation

I know that I have to let go of the outcome. I’ve irons in fires. Things are finally moving after a very sluggish spring (lovely weather predicted this weekend after the coldest spring on record since 1891). I need to have solutions to work with whether he owns his behavior and responsibility of not.

I’ve got some ideas, the first of which was creating the Blue Star button on my third eye.

What have y’all got that is positive and for the greater good? To help me stay sane while I work through this challenge?

1 thought on “Facilitated meeting finally scheduled

  1. first two comments that are probably not helpful but…
    I have a rottweiller and he is the biggest slobber monster you have ever seen. He climbs into peoples laps and if they have any issues with dogs they might be a bit afraid to push him off. he then leans in and starts to lick their face. I have to rescue them and put him outside..

    *laugh* Yes, most rotties I know are that way. But this quote, God’s Rottweiler, is a reference to the current Pope and of course my administrator who also knows that rottweiler’s are like terriers. They will shake something till it dies.

    I don’t know how you are set up but would you consider getting a new job and just leave him behind?

    You must have been away from blogland. *wink* Of COURSE I have considered this. I’m still considering it. BUT…

    This is my dream job and until he came along it was still my dream job. If anyone leaves it should be him and if he continues it will be him. I just have to have enough patience to see if he’ll hang himself first.

    as far as the meeting goes.. good luck and try to love him (hard I know) then you will see past all the manipulation he is trying to do on you. His anger sounds like manipulation anger. If you can see that then he will have no effect on you.

    I pray for him every day, that he will get all the good things that I wish for myself. This day is different. I do not want to see past all the manipulation he does at this meeting. The point of this meeting is to discuss this exact topic. I don’t care that underneath all that manipulation and fear is a good guy. I want him to swing. I called this meeting, he requested to schedule it and it took him 4 weeks. That is the first of the evidence I must present. I have lots of evidence I have to present that day.

    I want him to show his true self in full force that day. This woman is there to watch him in action, give me a safe place to tell him how his behavior is affecting me, and to determine what his just due next steps are. And of course to direct me as needed too. I want him to act the total and complete jerk he is and not let it upset me. LOVING him is not the answer at this point. I’ve been sending him love for days and days, weeks even, but for this meeting I have no intention of going in there with love. I’m going in as the lawyer’s daughter and judges granddaughter that I am. I plan on laying waste to him.

    and most importantly love yourself, rosy glow, boundaries, fluffy bunny all is right with the world happiness, all that.. 🙂

    Yes. Of course.

    I should have been more clear. I’m soliciting MAGICAL ideas to help me stay strong, to help him show who he is, that kind of thing. *wink* My bad.

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