The Problem or the Solution? Where do you want to live?

The god’s are smiling upon me today. I’ve always considered Friday the 13th to be a lucky day for me. And I just now realized that today is one of them.

I have come from a brief meeting with God’s Rottweiler. I didn’t intend to discuss much but after all he’s done for me I wanted to tell him the news of my decision to leave in person instead of just hearing it from his boss. He deserves that respect and being a Mormon from Texas he understands the rites of respect. That is my assumption but I could tell from his expression that it pleased him when I said that I wanted to honor him in that way.

I never expected what went down next.

They want me to work for them part time (of course they do). They know I won’t work for TVI.

The Big Kahuna (is there a feminine form of Kahuna? Kahuni?) doesn’t want me to make any decisions until after that meeting. And after speaking with her on the 24th. The minute I give a formal resignation I have three days to rescind and they have 7 days to respond. We’re not going to start the clock just yet.

I explained to GR that I need to have separation from the institute in order to get my hands on the money to fund this new venture. But that, if TVI was gone, I would TOTALLY be interested in working for them part time. I love this department and with the exception of TVI I love the people. We really are a truly cool bunch of people.

I proposed this. I would leave. Get my money. Take a little vacation, go to the event in Canada, hang out at home. Then I would be happy to come to work for them as an hourly contract freelancer. Assuming TVI is gone of course. It would work out so well that they would offer it to me part time as a U employee with full benefits. I would still have to apply for it with a gaggle of others but that’s hardly a worry if they are in on the plan. They want me, I know more than anyone else would simply because I’ve been the Web Manager for 2.5 years.

He asked what I was going to say in my resignation letter. I said that I would simply state that I received an offer I couldn’t refuse. That it was part time and a risk but that it was worth it. I said I was so upset about the email I fired off to TVI the other day that I really wanted to get back on track and take the high road. That I had never in my life written an email like that to anyone I ever worked with or for and I was pretty sad to see that I’ve stooped to TVI’s level.

He laughed and said he could think of lots of things I could write in my scathing resignation letter. I said I would pretty much be happy to word it any way they thought best in order to assist them in this venture as long as it didn’t burn any bridges and make it impossible for me to get hired back at the U if I found I needed to.

We have six weeks to plan how this is going to go down. No one is saying as much but it looks like The Village Idiot, unless a miracle happens in the facilitated meeting next week, is definitely going to be fired. He is so out of here. They want me, they want me bad. I think they would go to great lengths within the law to keep us all happy. There would be paperwork but there’s going to be paperwork any way you slice it. If TVI is fired, TBK and GR will have the joy of replacing TVI, me, our tech wizard (my bff at work who left 2 weeks ago because he got an offer HE couldn’t refuse), and my student assistant. To have the solution about my job in place would lighten their burden. I could hire the new student assistant if I came back.

I’m working my little brain and energy cells in a big way to bring about this thing through that lovely phenomenon that some call the Law of Attraction but that I call magic.

Speaking to a good friend last night, she said she knew this was going to go exactly has I hoped. I know, can’t count on that. But you know what? The minute she said it a cool flash of energy flew through my entire body, the goose flesh rose, and somehow I just knew she was right. And that was BEFORE the meeting this morning. And who knows, maybe something better than all of it will come along. All I know is that whatever is coming is really good.

I am not special. We all create our own reality. The minute I shifted away from the problem and moved to the solution the entire world changed.

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