The Long Wait Begins

It’s really hard to sit here knowing I have to have that meeting with The Village Idiot and all the while knowing I’m quitting. I said I would do it and so I shall but I must say, I really don’t want to. I’m not ready financially to go yet but I am ready in every other way. Must sit on my hands. Must sit on my hands. And guard my tongue.

I’ve also decided that I am SO not counting on anything working out here. Not a wise move. It would be great if he were gone and I could work part time here. It really would be frikking awesome. But I simply don’t know enough to count on it. Must update my resume.

Not much to say right now because I’m simply in this weird limbo place. Too soon to plan TOO much, can’t order the laptop yet, that kind of thing. Trying not to worry about how I would make the rent and car payments, that kind of thing.

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