And things I look forward too

I’ve been musing over the benefits of working as a freelancer out of my home. There appear to many and some of them just weren’t that obvious to me. But I’m getting happier and happier about the potential here. Just heard from my new “agent” and she has even more work coming my way. woohoo!

  • I will be MOBILE! Not in the car so much as having a laptop. A screaming fast laptop.
  • I can take the day off and the day after sabbats off or at least sleep in!
  • If I have cramps (and some months they are brutal) or a migraine, unless I’m meeting a client, I don’t have to deal with it. Double woot!
  • I can take a vacation and since I’m mobile, I can work there too. I’m looking at the possibility of going to France this autumn (brother mentioned something about buying me a ticket) and I could even work part time while there (Not as weird as it sounds, I’ve been a couple times now, seen most of the local sights and sites). Just hanging with my peeps and maybe a little work on my own schedule? Heaven. I could do that from the San Juans, France, the park.
  • Can work at night instead of early in the morning (yes 9:30 is early in the morning, 11 is not late at night, I am a late person)
  • I could work outside on my shady patio
  • I can pet the cat
  • I don’t have to worry about work clothes (would only need a few things for those public moments)
  • I could walk around our local lake in the morning when I’m refreshed, not in the evening when I’m exhausted (and so I never do)
  • I could work on my sewing when I get a brain freeze, especially in design phase or if dealing with tough code and waiting for the inspiration solution to hit.
  • I can take a nap and then go back to work refreshed in the evening
  • I can work from the lake if I can get wireless
  • I can decide not to take work if the client sucks

This list will grow, yes I’m sure it will.

I’m already planning my new laptop cover/bag. *laugh* I have the perfect fabric, teal blue ultrasuede with teal sequins and embroidered flowers. It occurred to me as I was stocking up on the pattern sale at Joann’s this weekend that those conservative pants and jackets and stuff? I just have no need for them any more. I didn’t need them much anyway but I like to get patterns that are timeless. And it suddenly occurred to me that because I am a webmaster and people expect a bit of the odd duck about our type, that I could have sparkly tote bags and the like. And suddenly I feel very extra happy.

My new hairstyle gets the compliments but it feels a bit conservative to me. Folks say it makes me look younger which is always a bonus but I look in the mirror and I’m reminded of Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias. “Shelby was right! It IS a big brown football helmet!” Except mine is silver. So might have to go to our more radical Rudy’s and get a bit more shaggy. I can always trust them to take a little risk.  I did buy a blow dryer (the first in at least 10 years) and curling iron (the only one I’ve ever owned) but I have a lot to learn about how to use them. *laugh*

Baby crows are cawing and whining and screaming. A lot. And then you can hear them get a throatful. Caw, caw, caw, stranglegluggargle, caw caw! A squirrel drinking from the leaking sprinkler in the grove by my office (I would miss campus, it would be nice to be here some of the time), didn’t care about me standing there watching, she was just stretching and licking. Pretty cute. I love watching animals in action.

The sun was out all weekend, we had shishkabob last night (and today for lunch), and it still is today. Gorgeous day. They say clouds (but not rain) are moving in tonight and tomorrow for the rest of the week. I must remember to water even though it is cloudy. Hopefully the Litha celebrations this weekend will be dry and at least warm.

1 thought on “And things I look forward too

  1. In my person card readings – for weeks now – “Entrepeneur” keeps coming up. I have now added (in lipstick, on my mirror) “I am a very successful entrepeneur (god, am I spelling that right?) to my daily affirmations.

    For all those yummy reasons you just listed (although switch the time of day..I’m definitely an early morning person), I think being my own ‘boss’ would be THE BOMB!

    Wear glitter all over your body 🙂 Die a chunk of your hair purple and don a sari if you’d like…it’s YOUR GAME now, girlie!

    Most excellent idea, the sitckies. glitter! Something I never allowed myself to like for well over 40 years. What was up with that??

    And yeah, it’s entrep r eneur

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