Destiny and Career

The other day I wrote about being master of my destiny. Didn’t mean to imply I hadn’t been, just speaking in prose about my career.

Then looking back over some old posts, I found this quote from a horoscope.

Now here are Welch’s rules for success: 1. Control your destiny or someone else will. 2. Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it would be. 3. Be candid with everyone. 4. Change before you have to.

This really is important today. Our Associate Director just came by to privately tell me how sorry she is about how things went down here. She was clearly really sad about it. She said I will be truly missed. That The Big Kahuni told her what was going on. And that tells me that TVI is going to keep his job. It’s foolish on their part because never again will it be so easy to get rid of him. But I must face reality. I will not be working here part time with bennies.

This makes me sad and it scares me a bit. I am doing well with the four rules for success. And it must be accepted that when one is doing this type of thing, leaping into the unknown, that there is opportunity for discomfort. Why is it that so often we are so uncomfortable with taking care of ourselves? I see her face all sad and hear actual tears n her voice and find it just stunning that they would rather keep him than me. Incompetent frightened little boy, competent and confident grown woman. WTF??? Why should I get any better than Anita Hill? Well, cuz it’s just a web job and cuz both of his bosses are women. What was I thinking?

Did I create this because it was what I thought they’d do even though I hoped they wouldn’t? Screw that. I am not to blame for TVI. I am leaving. Just like I did last time. No more will I put up with unfair treatment. But boy, the price feels a bit high for just taking care of yourself and insisting on simple rights.

2 thoughts on “Destiny and Career

  1. I see how this affects you – both Mr WW and I are going through something similar at the mo. I told him that a clean break is best, whatever the immediate cost. I actually think this for myself as well, frightening though it certainly feels.

    The price is really high, bloody high; he gets to stay in his comfort zone and you get dispossessed from yours. The difference? You can handle it. Because you’re a winner.

  2. I promised myself I wouldn’t write about this for a little while. that everyone, myself included, needs a break. 😉 But I will say…

    God’s Rottweiler came by after I wrote this. He was jumping out of his skin. Evidently big meetings happened yesterday and no decisions have been made. He really wants TVI to get fired and was just gleeful to share that this is still a distinct possibility. As is anything else. But there’s still a shot.

    So I’m going to continue to work on my visualization tricks and see what happens.

    Still moving on with my life. But the truth is, when I starting seeing this in my minds eye it did include a part time job here. That is always still possible, I do want to somehow get my medical bennies.

    I’m actually amazed at how much I’ve moved on. In many ways I really am gone already.

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