July Is Going To Be One Busy Month

I spent today getting a laptop case that I will have to return.  My laptop is just about 1.25″ too wide for all the 17″ cases out there.  So I must make one.  I’ll be the only person with a teal faux suede with embroidery and sequins any where in the world.

I also spent part of the afternoon uploading software and configuring things.  What is really truly awesome is that I’m on the internet right now.  Wireless.  With a free connection. I live near a very busy business district (you coudn’t tell that from my garden photos could you) and there are tons of free wireless connections here.

I was also signing a contract for a website redesign and being given the important facts and contact information for another new website.  I spent this evening putting together, and sending, a proposal.  There are no excuses this month because I’m working full time.  Too bad, so sad.  If that second proposal is accepted, oh pretty pretty please, perhaps I can put aside enough to basically pay for all my opening expenses and take some of August off and be a lady of recuperating leisure.

I got my business cards printed and cut too.  All this and it was 88 degrees today. 

Off  to water the garden as it is completely wilted…  That angelica just doesn’t take as much heat and dryness as anything else in the garden.  It looks sad twice a week easily.

I got a fortune cookie today and it said: Your Labor will Bear Many Rewards.  Now that’s a good omen.  On the altar it goes tonight for a little bit of good job juju.

LIfe is Good and Very Good.

Blessed Be.


2 thoughts on “July Is Going To Be One Busy Month

  1. YAYYYY!!! Life is good and very good – superb news!! You are amazing. All that effort!! and look now at the results, already!

    I love the sound of the laptop bag – mine’s a very sober black and it fits waaay too much stuff so you end up with a hernia lifting it… 🙂

    *laugh* My laptop weights 8 pounds so it’s heavy enough without Stuff. Luckily I won’t have to transport it too often.

  2. Oh, I am so excited for you! I have so much fun playing with new equipment like computers it is just insane. Kind of like a kid really. I think it is so amazing that you already have clients lining up to work with you and you aren’t even officially on your own yet. You go get ’em!

    Can’t count my chickens too soon. The proposal has yet to be accepted and they have one other bid.

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