The week in Cancer

The world record for attaching clothespins to one’s face is 153. Even if you’re tempted to surpass that mark, I beg you not to. Inflicting pain on yourself in order to impress someone or prove a point is never a good idea, but it’s an especially misguided notion right now. I wouldn’t object, however, if you did the opposite, which is to barrage yourself with pleasure in order to impress someone or prove a point. In my astrological opinion, it’s a perfect time to intensify your commitment to making yourself feel good. This is true for many reasons, but here’s one of the most important ones: It will have a magically tonic effect on your relationships with others.

Twist my arm why don’t you?

Off to the thrift store to see what sweaters and coats they have out before the hoards start looking for autumn clothing…

4 thoughts on “The week in Cancer

  1. Indeed it is! I found the loveliest things at the thrift store. A black velvet halter top with a peplum skirt for one thing. A black broomstick skirt with an Indian design in silver glitter… The best new winter coat. Turquoise and black speckled polar fleece with a silk burnout collar, cuffs, and buttons in turquoise pinks and purples. Big baggy and very unique. I came home with two monster bags and very little money spent.

    But those shoes! I found them at but if you are in England you might be able to find them at But there they are expensive so probably best to get them at planet earth and spend extra for the shipping… The dollar sucks right now.

  2. Yeah, the exchange rate works in our favour, but now hat there is a tarrif and tax agreement between Europe and America, it means that we get clobbered for tax as well as shipping, so often, there’s very little difference in price.

    I’m doing a week in London next week and I hate the place – the air is so toxic – so I’m going to reward mysself with a pair of these for doing it – but am shopping around to find the best deal. Sad that the red ones have all gone – I think they’re so cute! Thank you for the link – will keep you posted.

    Wow! Your thrift store trip sounds like a real treasure trove. What with that and the landslide, it looks as though you are being well looked after; that’s good and you deserve it!

  3. I don’t know about England, but there are thrift stores everywhere you turn in America. Folks buy so much stuff here that in order to buy more and get it in their houses, they have to give some of it away. So many impulses that get home and turn into not what they wanted or it doesn’t fit proper and the like. And of course there are lots of things there that are total crap. You have to be willing to seriously rummage. Either that or folks refuse to throw it away and feel good about recycling the clothes. Probably a bit of both. I think that the stuff that doesn’t sell get shipped overseas to be recycled in other ways.

    I find stuff there with the store tags still on it or worn once or twice. My favorite buy was a brand new hand knit wool fisherman sweater from Ireland for $5US. Practically free. And they run $200-300US new here.

    The only bitch is that the fabrics tend to stink. They’ve been in bags or the warehouse they all take on the same smell. Which is disgusting. Washing of course works 98% of the time. In the case of the velvet haltertop I’m having trouble getting it out. Washing did not remove it. Hopefully the Febreeze will get it out. If not, back to the thrift store as a donation. 😉 I donate far more than I buy.

    I do what I call psychic shopping. When suddenly out of nowhere the thought “Maybe you will find that thing you’ve been looking for for a couple months at __________” or you really should go to VV, you haven’t been in months.” Every time I listen I always find exactly what it was I’d been looking for. For dirt cheap.

    Seems a waste of psychic skills but I swear it’s real. And typically I have absolutely no control over it whatsoever. *laugh*

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