Threes and Nines

Greenlake was gorgeous this morning.  As usual.  I think I need to start taking my little camera with me.

9 geese along the lake, one of which gifted me with a huge wing or tail feather.

3 swallows flitting between a grove of 8 maples and a lone maple in lovely infinity swoops, back and forth, back and forth

3 paper birch in a little grove of their own, a fallen branch has come home to be a new slender and simple wand.

The first call of the geese on their way south…

Ah, August.  J’adore…

Woke up from my nap, which was hard to get as the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.  The dream had me literally herding cats. Three of them. It was a hot day inside.  I could tell some weren’t supposed to be in my house but couldn’t tell which ones were mine and which ones weren’t and which one threw up under the ironing board…  Yeesh  Herding cats. What next.

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