The mot final

My attorney told me this morning that I was totally in my rights to contact the person saying I would bear witness to things that never occurred and tell him not to contact me, that I would not serve as a positive witness for him.  Done.


HR called me and told me that you are stating that I am a positive witness to
hostile treatment towards you from M. and that is why I left TD. They wanted
my statement.  Boy.  You don’t know what you are talking about.  You really
should have checked with me first.

My statement regarding your time spent at TD was not favorable to yourself and I suggest you remove me from your list of people to contact as I don’t think you want me to speak on your behalf.  For the simple reason that I will not. You have opened the door for the employer to use me as a witness favorable to them based on information that, once again, you failed to verify.  Your continued practice of stating things as fact that are not fact is not going to serve you well in this matter.

Please inform your legal counsel of this matter and do not contact me in any
way.  I am not interested in participating in your fundraiser.


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