Too bad so sad

The lovely elfin boots arrived. And it is all too sad that they make my feet look like Goliath’s. Or as my friend Amphybia said, they look like Orc boots. Too tight around my ankles (admittedly not the most svelte but not large either) and about 3″ too long.

*sigh* They are returning on Monday… The look continues.

2 thoughts on “Too bad so sad

  1. Ah, funny you should mention that…

    I’m just back from a week in toxic old London and I had thought to treat myself to the boots as a reward for surviving the poisonous air and rigours of the week. But. Before I left, I had started to wonder about how tight the ankles might be. I also have such trouble finding shoes that are comfortable, that I decided that it was too big a risk and opted to treat myself to something different in the end.

    I’m half tempted to find a good shoemaker and get a last made so that I can be sure of shoes that won’t pinch or rub or just suddenly change size overnight. I’m sure the extra expense will be easily offset by the amount of wasted pairs I don’t buy!

    I’m sorry that yours didnt fit or feel nice – the search contiinues, but at least questing for shoes is fun!

  2. I actually mostly wrote that for your benefit. I was so hoping you would see it before buying. *smile*

    There are only two brands of shoes I will buy online. Birkenstocks and Danskos. I can trust the fit and size everytime.

    This was a risk, but one I thought might be worth it. And shipping was free both ways so no loss.

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