How things are different

I knew that this morning I would have to get to work. I have three commissions in que. Designs for all three have been percolating in my head for some time now, some sooner than others. One has paid their down payment so that is the first one I do. I wake up this morning and figure that after dropping the car off at the body shop I need to get to busy. I’ve had three weeks off and it’s time.

I’ve been busy for a few hours now and have sent off drafts and emails to clients. I was sitting here and thought, yeah, I could go surf around looking for this and that, that will make me look busy. And then the thought hit me. Who do I have to look busy for? hahahahaha. Is that perfect or what? Might as well go take a nap, the boss knows exactly how much time I’ve spent on these projects. At least an hour last night as I lay in bed, photoshop layers and author quotes swimming in my head.

Laying in bed is when almost all of my design drafting occurs. I don’t know exactly what it is about that activity, or lack of, that does it but I get the best stuff done. Perhaps I do know. The body is at rest, there is no extra visual stimulation so things just start coming. It’s so nice to know that I don’t have to try and explain to an employer that my best time on the job is never actually AT the job but in bed.

Still looking for the perfect part time job, at least in my field. I’ve spent time visualizing what that job looks like. And it’s lovely.

Off to go read while I wait to hear back from a client…

Life? Is awesome.

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