Squirrel Puhleeze

It’s the dog days of summer and I’ve been miserable.  Staying indoors with the A/C on. It’s only one or two weeks a year and I feel a tad guilty for using it but I’ve had migraines off and on all week.  The humidity mixed with heat and the weird barometric pressure just does me in.  I feel like Hebe. Taken this morning and a bit fuzzy because it was a zoom shot through the window but you get the idea…

I try and get some things done before the heat of the day is too much but walking around the lake has been out of the question.  I went on Thursday (my car was finally out of the shop yay!) and felt so nauseous afterwards and the migraine was the worst.  Friday I tried again but stopped part way and decided not to push myself.  Feeling better since I decided not to do that and to turn on the A/C.  Haven’t done much of anything. Did apply for a great sounding job (4 months, less than 20 hours, great pay but no benefits but would be great to get me through the rest of the year).  Put together an interview outfit.  But mostly just reading murder mysteries.

Even Miss Mitty had to leave her window…

I am 98% done with my reversible Samhain / Harvest Blessings banner.  It was the HB side that prompted the name of my business.  I had thought to embroider the hoof and horn chant but by the time I got there I decided to keep it simple.  Since I will be decorating for autumn soon, I want to finish this.  Like the wheel of the year project, it has taken me years.  I worked on it a lot and then set it aside for other things then picked it up and so on.  Three or four years start to finish.

I found the perfect buttons, cats on brooms for the Samhain side and golden metal swirls for the HB side.  The swirls perfectly match the fabric (which took me a year to decide on) for the binding.  All I have to do is put on the hanging tabs et voila!

5 thoughts on “Squirrel Puhleeze

  1. We’re not going to bother putting the conditioner in the window this year. Up until a couple of days ago it hasn’t been warm enough to merit it. Today it is was warm enough, but by managing the doors and windows it stayed about 70 in the house while it was 94 outside.

    Barometer is in the cellar and humidity is high.

    I like it a whole lot better than what is right around the corner. Damn! I hate cold and snow.

  2. Hi Buffalo! You’re lucky with your house then. My little, old, duplex bungalo faces full west with no shade in July August and September and when it’s 94 outside it can be as much as over 100 indoors. The front door faces full west too so opening it is not an option, no porch etc…. It can be miserable here in those months. But darned cozy and charming the rest of the year. Which is MY favorite time. 😉

  3. Oooooh, the reversible aspect is waaaay cool! Thanks for posting the photos.

    I just got back from Hawai’i last weekend, so I’m finally starting to go through folks’ blogs.

    Be well!

  4. Thank you Greg! I left a recipe up for you back about a week or so…

    I decided to make my wall hangings reversible so that they take up less room re: storage. I have a very little place so the more cunning in can be the better. Plus it means I only need to buy one padding and one binding piece. The Yule / Spring banner will be a challenge, I might have to rethink at least the binding. *laugh*

  5. The five window air-conditioners I replaced my central air with have been running full-tilt boogy this summer but strangely, my electric bull is lower than it was with the central. Makes me think they supply you with the most inefficient crap they can when you buy a place like this…….

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