Dwarves ~ Cancer for the week

A teacher at an all-girl Japanese elementary school decided her class would put on a performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But when she selected a certain student to play Snow White, the parents of the other 24 kids went ballistic. Through a campaign of harassment, they bullied the teacher into changing the script so that there would be 25 Snow Whites, no dwarfs, and no wicked witch. In my opinion, that’s the wrong way to apply democratic principles. I’m more anti-hierarchical than anyone I know, and yet even I would draw the line at, say, no more than five Snow Whites. Please be vigilant for the possibility that a similar misapplication of egalitarianism will take place in your personal sphere. Make sure there’s at least one dwarf.

Well then.  This is very interesting.  I’m going to equate the drawf with one village idiot or one narcissus (about who I had two compassionate thoughts about yesterday and I wasn’t even thinking about him).  I would rather they weren’t my boss or my lover/partner.  As long as the dwarf can remain an acquaintance I can handle that.  I’ve got at least 3 or 4 of them already.  Check.  They keep us humble and honest and awake.

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