The Sun Will Come Out …. Today!

It’s been a week of cold and wet.  Which means free water in the garden and my berries still haven’t withered on the vine.  More blackberriesw for me.  Assuming the sun will come back.  It’s feeling so very fall-ish and while I lovelovelove fall, spring and summer were so late I still need some sun.

And today here it is.  Not a cloud in the sky.  This morning around the lake it was cloudy.  But giving a little promise.  And here it is.  Fall before it’s time makes one appreciate the end of the summer…

Tomorrow I take my friend Ruth, who is uber curious about Wicca to OLOTEAS for her first ever ritual.  I don’t think I would be going if Ruth hadn’t been asking me for a month now if there was a Wicca event she could go to.  I think it will be fun.  With a sunny day on the forecast, just like it is right now, we should have a very good time.

And reheated refried beans?  Are one of the best foods on earth.  Just saying…

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