O Ba Ma O Ba Ma

I just have to say that the last night of the Democratic National Convention was astounding.  What an amazing night.  For the first time since my first vote, I felt inspired.  Felt the people might finally be galvanized.  It was a great night, loved his speech.  He said things I’ve been saying all along but what I liked the best was, “I get it.”  Yes, he does indeed get it. 

I’ve felt very strongly for over 30 years about three things politically (besides the obvious bleeding heart liberal, perhaps even radical anarchy at times):

  1. No one should be able to hold any political office without personally experiencing what it is like to go hungry.  Not some cute little experiment for a week. Finally!  A candidate whose single mother raised them and had to make ends meet and had to use food stamps at times.  He knows what that is like. Both physically but emotionally.
  2. 10% income tax across the board for those above the povery line, those below? A sliding scale.  No loop holes, no credits, no stupid deals for the rich.  10%.  Period.
  3. The electoral college has GOT to go.  No longer needed, antiquated bullshit, we need one vote equals one vote.  Period.It’s the real reason why Bush won without the popular vote.  Gotta go.

While Obama isn’t promising #2 he did promise to cut taxes for 95% of the taxpayers.  Good.  2 out of three ain’t bad.  I think #3 will be a long battle.

I bought bumperstickers yesterday and sent a financial contribution to the campaign for Obama.  I also volunteered for any work they can give me as long as it doesn’t mess with my back. 

Finally I give a shit again!

My total favorite quote of the night came from one of the regular ol’ joes who got up to speak.  Now that ikn itself was unprecedented as well as opening the stadium to the general public that day.  But the favorite quote of almost everyone? Came from mid-western, once long time republican, regular ol’ guy Barney Smith.

“We need a president who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney” 

Go Barney! And GO OBAMA!  YES. WE. CAN!

4 thoughts on “O Ba Ma O Ba Ma

  1. Naw, now we have Barby and Ken to elect……we can’t take a chance that a young, vibrant black man who has lived like the rest of us might actually free us from the tyranny of old wealthy white men…..the would be un-ah-‘merkin!

    Now go away, I gotta figure out where the straps are on these boots …………

  2. I don’t understand how any politician can promise tax cuts; not with the amount of the national debt and the rate in which we spend money. The figures don’t add.

    He actually did specify but for some reason I cant think right now what it was. Har! That said, I think he’s raising taxes for the other 5% who haven’t paid taxes in decades. Frankly, I don’t give a damn if he cuts taxes. I don’t mind paying taxes. It’s taxation without representation that gets me hot under the collar. Time for another tea party.

    Hell, if you stop the war in Iraq that’s 12 billion a day we aren’t spending. That oughta help a little at least. Maybe then we could stop borrowing from China. If Bill Clinton can get us out of debt after a war in the middle east, why not Obama.

  3. Oh, it’s good to hear that Obama is inspiring folks because of the convention. I was out of the country at the time and purposely not engaged in politics – there was so much else to do. I hope all is well with you and I’m looking forward to catching up on your writings!!!

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