The Rebel Jesus

My favorite Christmas song by Jackson Browne.  He also did this with the Chieftains on the Bells of Dublin CD.  Ignore some of the images, they seem to have seriously missed the point in places.  I can’t help it, I find Christ on the Cross offensive.  Perhaps just read the lyrics as the song plays.

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Reversal of Fortune

Mark Morford says this morning:

One of Obama’s transition teams has already targeted roughly 200 Bush-era horrors to be immediately reversed, reinstated, undone, repaired, restored, cleaned up and brought back to respectability the moment Obama takes office. [snip]

Let’s keep it a little bit in check. I certainly don’t expect to agree with everything Obama does, every appointment he makes or policy he issues. I already don’t. As he himself said, he will not be a perfect president.

But right now, there is every reason to believe that whatever he does, it will have been thoughtfully considered, balanced, worked through with the same levelheadedness and intellectual integrity he demonstrated during what is now recognized as the most assured, successful and extraordinary presidential campaign in history. We have zero reason to doubt it.

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions