Pagan Pride Day in the Puget Sound

Off a little earlier than usual for me but OLOTEAS is doing the opening ritual at 11am. They were worried folks wouldn’t be there so I’m going as support. Picking my friend Brooke up in an hour.  It’s a beautiful day, September has been glorious.  Leaving PPD a bit early to go to a friend’s house for a barbeque.  Yay!  His house is on Lake Washington, he’s got a pool, should be fun.  Must be nice. 

I finished the embroidery (finally!) on the cauldron pouch.  Now I have to put together about 8 pouches by the 27th.  Did get a cork board to display my earrings on at Concentric Circles, needed something I could prop up. 

Almost there!


4 thoughts on “Pagan Pride Day in the Puget Sound

  1. hi beweaver 🙂 Here is how to do the crochet witch hats .You are more than welcome to make and sell them.I dont use a pattern for crocheting. I free form crochet them . I do a chain in the size i want to fit my head. Then i use triple crochet and decrease down to the tip. If you UNEVENLY decrease you get the fun bent look. For the brim i go back and tye on and then use DC around it –adding stitch here and there to make it more or so ruffled. The trick is using 2 strands of yarn together to stitch with. That gives your hat weight and body to hold its shape

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