The Day After

Yesterday was such a very good day. There was a great turn out at Pagan Pride, Two ritual circles, one to open the event and the other to honor Mabon. There were merchants and music (and of course the requisite belly dancers) and workshops. Brooke and I stopped in at one workshop led by two priestesses from the Aquarian Tabernacle Church on Magic in Daily Life. I’m always interested in hearing how others go about this. Great discussion.  I was most interested in the two priestesses, they inspired me quite a bit and I really enjoying listening and watching them interact and talk about their lives.

There were burgers, both beef and veggie, that were very excellent. Laughter, kids, the usual wonderful pagan atmosphere.  A good time was had by all.

Got to my friend’s house 40 miles away in the other direction around 4:30. These folks are my other tribe.  And I laughed my butt off.  There was the lake, boats, pool, hot tub, gorgeous house with two kitches (!), a sauna/steam room, the woiks.  It was the first time, and probably the last time, this summer I got to immerse myself in water and it felt great. 

I came home at sunset through the woods the surround the water house feeling very incredibly peaceful and happy.


3 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Truly they are. I suppose its good they are so infrequent, we appreciate them more, but I think I could use them a bit more often than they’ve been this year. Working on that.

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