The Concentric Circles Harvest

My new bag.  I bought this pre-made wool felt bag several months ago at a local fabric store.  It’s just perfect if you don’t want to take too much and the exact right size for my witches datebook.  It was a plain black felt bag screaming for loving attention.  The other evening I was done with all the pouches and things and was casting around for a project and I saw the red and cream pentagrams that I’ve got in the works for a set of coasters. (I’ve got black pents on cream too)  And I saw it on the bag.  This is the result. I know it wants more but I got it done enough for the event.


I tried so hard to get the pent upright but when stitching in a circle things tend to pull in a certain direction.  Mustn’t be too perfect, wouldn’t want to have the Gods be jealous.

This is my new wand.  She has little jewels set into the places where twigs branch off, bead wired flowers in irridescent glass beads and peridot.  She’s precious. And the first I’ve not made myself.  She called me.  She needs a new bag.

The photos are gorgeous and taking photos of them doesn’t do them justice.  But I did trade a pair of earrings for some photo cards that my friend Ruth brought.  I just love these. 

2 thoughts on “The Concentric Circles Harvest

  1. Oooooh, the wand is very lovely, as is the bag – the coloration is really great on it.

    When I was in Hawai’i this past summer, one of the sub-craters of Pele’s home, Kilauea, is littered with small green crystals that are the very beginnings of peridot (olivine, I think they’re called?). It was beautiful to see them sparkle even under a cloudy sky and occasional rain.

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