The McCain Palin Ticket

Aquila ka Hecate has tagged her blogroll to discuss what they think of the Republican ticket of McCain and Palin. Ooooh boy.  (Ooops, twas Anne of The Gods are Bored who tagged us)

You are warned.  I don’t pull punches.  Read at your own risk.  Disagree all you want.

My knee jerk reaction is to simply say. “Harumpf, not much.” But that isn’t true. I am an opinionated woman, especially in the area of politics, global responsibility, war, economy, wealth, poverty, the list is long. Mostly what it boils down to is that I always have sympathy first for those who are downtrodden, abused, lied to, starved, beaten, if you be an underdog, I’m your friend. It’s why I earned the title of Warrior in that little quiz I posted last. I have no problem going into the battle. I can easily see me at Michael’s side sword overhead… And while it is at the core of my being to go to bat for others, it is also something I’ve tried to temper all my life. My willingness to fight has not always brought me happiness and it certainly didn’t bring me peace.


I don’t have a television. Well, that’s not exactly true. I own a television, it is attached to a dvd player but I don’t get TV. I do not have cable and there is no reception in my area, even though I live on the top of the second highest hill in town. So I’ve been fortunate to miss most of the political bullshit that is blaring across the screen these days, especially the local mudslinging. All of my interaction and the things I am informed about, I control. If I want to watch and listen to Sarah Palin speak out of her ass, I know where to find her.

So, what exactly do I think? I think that if McCain and Palin are elected the entire world is in peril*. Any hope of US governmental assistance with environmental issues of any kind will die. Dead. I think if they are elected I won’t be getting cash out of the bank and burying gold in my back yard but fresh water. I think that my (and other’s) freedom of and from religion will be destroyed (because here we have the freedom to have no religion at all). I think that the mighty and wealthy will continue their ways of trampling those who they deem to be less worthy into the ground. Starvation and dehydration will be the news of the day. The weather will continue it’s bizarre and more aggressive patterns. Cities that live at sea level will drown. I think that everything Al Gore has tried to get across to the world will fall into obscurity. There will be no more trees, no more animals that aren’t cooped up in pens for food farms (featherless chickens, they’re breeding featherless chickens so they can kill them and don’t have to pluck them and they say it’s because they are environmentally healthy!!! Goddess how do we stop this madness?? I just want to make millions of little coats myself) or our homes, no more free speech, no more religious freedom, and lots more war, abuse of civil liberties, continued refusal to see that we do not have the right to tell others how to live whether they be American or otherwise. Women in prison for abortions. More and more people in prison for being addicted. It’s going to be a holocaust the likes of which we’ve never seen. Because if we’re not awake NOW?? We never fucking will be. Instead of standing at the precipice and deciding to turn around and walk down hill, like lemmings we will fall into the abyss.

I see Big Brother. I see rampant disease and no health care. I see no hope. It scares the shit out of me. As much as I like to make fun of Palin, she is truly befuddled and misguided, mostly she scares me silly. McCain has been in ill health for years and his death in office is a distinct possibility.

Yesterday I was in a restaurant eating lunch (I treated myself because, finally, a contract came through and I could finally breath again). These two women at the next table were talking about politics and they were decidely not in my camp. What I found the most horrifying was that they weren’t basing their political choice on policy or ability. This is what they had to say:

One of my friends sent me a video the other day. I had to send it to all my friends too. It showed a cartoon farm yard. There were cows and chickens and horses and they were all working hard on the farm. And then the farmer died. The new farmer was Obama. And all the animals, the chickens, the cows, just started sitting around on their asses. hahahahahahahaha.

OMG.  I was appalled.  They think that if Obama wins the people will stop working and sit around on welfare.  OMG.  They think we are inherently lazy.  And that is what makes them afraid. But really?  You know who they are really talking about? The Blacks, the Hispanics, the social fringe.  And that? Means you and me, the Pagans too.  It won’t be just Pagans on the burning stakes and the lynching trees let me tell you. We’ll all be there.  Black, yellow, red, feathered, furred, scaled, and magical practitioners of all stripes.  You ain’t priviledge white folk?  Smote them, smote them all, plague, leprosy, the pox for you! (hi R!) You know they weren’t talking about white people like them. I’m not the kind of white folk they like.

That new client?  I will be glad when their site is up, very glad.  Because they? Are assholes.  Nothing that they would consider overt.  They think that going green is a passing fancy and no one will be talking about it a month. The things that came out of their mouths.  It was really clear that while one of them has done well for himself financially in the past, they are both what we were here call white trash.  Since my mother’s side has some serious white trash and yeah, they are family, I know of what I speak. Ignorance.  If McCain and Palin are elected, their candidates of choice, they will be right.  Buh bye.  And you know what is really pathetic?  These guys are NOT the kind of white folks the privileged like either.  Surprise surprise surprise…

So.  What do I do?  I write what I think.  That’s mostly what I do.  I visualize.  I see the sword of truth, the sword of Kuan Yin, ArchAngel Micheal. The flame that burns away the lies and brings us truth, compassion, healing, hard work, and a vision of the greater world we are capable of.  Enough of the nightmare, I’m ready for the real American Dream.

I give it as little energy as I possibly can.  I prefer to think I LOVE OBAMA rather than I HATE PALIN.  I believe that polls lie.  I believe, as Craig Ferguson said (I love C.F.), the only poll that matters is the one on November 4th.  I also believe that there are people off the radar who are not being polled.  I think that there are people who haven’t voted for years out of the frustration of that old No Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny thing.  And they are going to vote this time.  I think folks are signing up to vote in record numbers.

At the last Presidential election here in the US, only 58% of the registered voters voted.  Only 58%.  That is embarrassing as hell, we should be ashamed of ourselves.  People died for the right to vote and we act as if it means nothing.  I also think that this year will break a new record.  And that Blacks and Hispanics are going to vote in droves.  I want to believe with all my heart and soul that this time, folks who felt disenfranchised, ignored, abused, and neglected believe that they have a chance at change like it has never existed in the history of the world.  And I don’t think they are going to squander it.

I must, absolutely must, believe that we are in for the surprise of our lives and will be dancing in the streets on November 5th the world over.  Because finally we have someone who says he cares about us and FINALLY we believe him.  I do.  I believe with all my heart that Obama is a good man with the people’s interests at heart. Yes, he will have to get the approval of Congress, so it’s important who we vote for locally too, he will have challenges like no one’s business.  His learning curve is going to kick his ass the first 6 months. But he’s smart and he’s going to have a lot of help.

I believe in manifestation.  I believe I/we create my own/our own reality.  And I refuse to give one more minute of energy (after tonight’s VP debates of course where I will be throwing popcorn and scorn in heaps upon the fool and rooting for Joe) to the other guys.  And I have to say that voting for Obama because he’s black doesn’t offend me.  Not to say that if he was a total shithead it would be enough. But he’s not.  He’s intelligent, educated, learned (not the same thing), a critical thinker, articulate, grand ideals, knows people who are behind him for reasons other than money and who will work with him to create the change he envisions, and gosh darn it people like him.  Mostly because he’s all those things but also BECAUSE he’s black. If we were to elect a black man President here in the United States I would firmly believe that we have finally swung the pendulum. Finally maybe we can begin to make headway, finally start recovering from the still existing slavery in this country. We just take it oversees most of the time these days.  We let the Asian children and political prisoners be our slaves this century but we are still a country whose economy is based on slavery have no doubt about it.   I happen to think that it is incredibly important that Obama is black and the he has a truly awesome shot at this.  The world will change with that one act, those one votes all added up.

If you don’t vote you’re an asshole by the way.  No apologies. In my nothing close to resembling a humble opinion. I lose total respect for you as a person if you don’t vote.  I don’t even care who you vote for, not really, just do it.

I’m going to wake up November 5th and the world will be a new and different place.  It better be or we’re all screwed.

* I want to state that this is from a point of view that accepts we are already in dangerous peril but right now, today, it is possibly reversible peril.  When I speak of further peril, I mean IRREVERSIBLE peril.  Right now we have a shot at turning things around. 4 years from now will be, in my opinion, too late. Which breaks my heart in two.

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