Message Received

I was napping yesterday when The Forgiven called and left a message saying all is forgiven on his side too and he is glad we can move on.  I said in my message that I didn’t know if it meant we would or could be friends but that I simply didn’t want to be enemies another minute.  He said he would respect which ever way that I go with that but that he doesn’t want to be enemies either. It was very nice message.  I’m not up to talking with him per se so I think I’ll send a thank you email for now.  I’m just so exhausted from this weekend.  Just exhausted.  And I have a lot of work to do in the next two days.

My neck cricked up again and I am seeing my acupuncturist later this morning. Horrible headache last night, woke me up at 2am and after taking my Maxalt I waited a long time for it to pass and to fall back asleep.  And it’s there in a residual way this morning.

Even though the processing is incredibly good, it pays to remember that stress wigs my body out no matter what.  I know that the self care today will make it go away.

I have one design finished and another in my head for this current client.  Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will send them both off for review and selection.

It’s hard to be creative when your head and neck are freaking out.  I’m so tired I don’t even have the energy to rail at Sarah Palin and her stupid accusations this morning.  “Pals around with Terrorists.”  What a bitch.  Yeup, that’s all I got.

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