I Think You’re Rad

Yup. That’s what the search engine specialist just said to me. He took a look at my website and that’s what he thinks.

It’s a long story and involve some silliness on the part of a client but…  It forced me to contact this fella to talk about SEO’s.  It’s good because turns out I’m doing just fine. *whew*  But he loved my personal website and said that he couldn’t wait to see the new site I’m working on because my stuff is “rad.”

I needed that today.

While I’m super glad to have the clients I have and the work I have it is still ultra imperative that I find reliable part time work to cover expenses between clients.  And that is taking a little longer than I wish.  But I’m working on visualizing that, getting my ducks in a row.  But some kind of steady employment needs to be in place by the first of the month if I can at all manage this.  Or it’s some kind of holiday retail job for me to fill in until something better comes along.

So.  I’m rad.  My design work is rad.  My code skills are rad.  Thank God.

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