Today is an historical day

Hope you all are voting!!  Record numbers I predicted, more African-Americans I predicted.  I’m very pleased to see that my instincts and suppositions are proving to be accurate.  These are exciting times to live in.  We decide what direction the future of this country and this planet takes today.  I can not overstress how important this is.  I just know it. I have for months.

On a personal note, I got an email from my new friend, colleague, just now.  Expressing his hope that I voted, that we are victorious, and that he is looking forward to coffee with me next week.  Now what a nice surprise that is.  He takes initiative.  He’s interested in politics in a pro-active way (you might have guessed that he is the person who wrote Obama’s campaign about technology and the future).  Oh my goodness. He’s a grown up!

!! VOTE !!

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