I always want to remember this moment


  • Hearing my neighbor, through the rather thick walls of our duplex, BARACK OBAMA!  At the same moment that I saw it online.
  • When my new friend called instead of talking we both simply laughed for about 5 seconds.
  • The photo of Reverend Jesse Jackson when the news broke.
  • The distinct feeling that I have lived to see the impossible. The feeling that I have participated personally in history that will change the world forever.  Granted in other lives I’m sure this has also been true, but this is the one I remember distinctly and that I will get to tell my great nephews and nieces about one day.
  • I love and admire and respect our new leader as a human being.  Yes. I love him.  Can’t help myself.
  • And yet still only 65% of the people voted.
  • WE shall overcome
  • The Victory Speech

1 thought on “I always want to remember this moment

  1. Oh, these are lovely! How wonderful!

    Some things from me:

    Cheers from neighboring houses here in Minneapolis as state’s went to Obama.

    The tears in my eyes hearing the news that he got it.

    A black man yelling at our car as we passed, “Obama, baby!”

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