The Winners Are….

Congratulations!  The contest turned out to be an amazing idea.  It was easy to determine the winners.  So many wonderful answers. Thank you all so much!  But the top three are…

1st Place Thalia Took of Amused Grace – She was the first person to say that Photo #1 was a horse.  Now I’m cheating a little bit here.  NO ONE saw what I saw.  What I saw, immediately, was a Bull, the Bull of Mithras to be exact.  But then I thought, hmmm, maybe it’s a horse. Since two people saw my second thought on that image I went with horse for the winner.   But for me?  It is a bull.  At Hekate’s Night I was given a xeroxed compilation of many Greek and Roman odes to Hekate.  And in them they call the bull, the bull of Mithras, and Hermes bull.  Yes, Bull it is.

2nd Place – Katherine Barich – She saw Hathor in Photo #4 and there is no doubt about it.  I saw Hathor’s crown of the horns of the moon with the full moon between but didn’t see the face.  I knew that photo was talking to me but it took Katherine to point Hathor out.  Undeniably there.

3rd PlaceTurtleheart – Made me laugh my ass off with the insect with the Wonder Bread Sandwich in Photo #1.  A few people saw insects but I just didn’t and still don’t.  But man, this cracked me up.

Honorable Mention – My bro got the second huge guffaw from me as he and I walked through each photo imagining that I’d just taken a huge bong toke.  And while it rivaled Turtleheart for a hearty laugh fest, my bro gets stuff from me and always will but he deserved commentary.

Prizes: Please look over the prizes at my Esty Store and send me a comment with your choice.   I will respond via email to the email address that comes with your comment notification requesting your mailing address.  I will mail it next week when the dust settles from my move.  1st place any pouch, 2nd place any earrings, third place my choice to you from my other stash, tis a surprise.

What I saw:

Photo #1 – A bull

Photo #2 – a spirit being with the strangest hands ever

Photo #3 – a witch on a broom with a really tall hat and a pale skull behind my head

Photo #4 – horns of the moon with a full moon and now Hathor

Photo #5 – horse and rider

Photo #6 – angel

Photo #7 – not a darned thing

Photo #8 – a veiled woman with her chin in her hand thinking

Photo #8 – angelic being, jesus?

Photo #10 – imp

4 thoughts on “The Winners Are….

  1. Yay! Oh, this is wicked awesome (to use a New Englandism). They’re all so beautiful and nicely made, so it’s hard to choose, but I’m going to go with the stag pouch.

    Thank you!

    (And yay!)

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to emerge from the chaos that is moving. What I would love is for you to carry a set of earrings with you, and at some moment of inspiration, pass the ones you chose on to a person who needs a gesture of kindness.

    I used spiritual eyes to try to see into the pictures, and in this life I have made a vow not to accept physical gifts for using gifts of the spirit. I’d be so happy at the thought of an unbidden kindness to a soul who needed a little hug.

    And, I’m really interested if you could see the things I saw when you looked with my list.

    What a nice gesture. Done. 🙂

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