I Survived

I had the fabulous luck to have 5 people help me move out and 6 people move in.  On Friday night I was talking to one of the maybe guys, he said he could, and his friend who I know better actually, said, what? you didn’t ask me??  So he came too.  Include my friend R and her husband and we were in good shape indeed.  We were out of the old place in an hour and into the new place in an hour.  Include travel and it took all of 2 hours and 15 minutes for them.  And there was lots of laughter.  The U-Haul guy was stunned.  I got a 17′ foot truck. Everyone was all, dang that’s a big truck.  And I said yeah, I got a lot of stuff.  In that little place? pshaw!  Packed to the gills.  Over 50 boxes.

I had 3 more trips with my car, 2 with a friends car, and 1 with my mother’s car. Luckily the car trips happened in sync.  My mother the 80 year old amazing woman hefted a station wagon worth of cedar firewood for me.  It was that or leave it behind.

Then I had to clean.  But I was done with that by 6pm. The place looked great, the landlord wrote today and told me thank you so much for cleaning so thoroughly.  Sanded the walls even after spackling. If she only knew I caulked the tub and touched up the varnish on the heart of pine wainscoting she’d give me a medal.

Sunday I was next to useless.  Migraine city, body aches, felt like a total slug.  Fibromyalgia reared its ugly head.  Didn’t get much done at all.  Took lots of pain meds which helped only sort of.  Disappointing since they were pretty strong.

Didn’t sleep well Sat or Sun, always takes me a bit to get used to a new place sleep wise.

Miss Mitty is here.  She is eating, hanging out with me, and just used her new litter box, all of which makes me very happy. Except that she spewed litter all over the carpet. *sigh*  No rest for the weary.

I have a job interview this week (at least it should be this week) for that part time job I applied for.  They said they love my resume and found it very interesting and intriguing.  This would be a coup, fingers crossed.

Have a couple maybe clients lined up too.  Maybe I’ll have one or both signed up by month’s end.  That would rock for Christmas.  Extra cool if I got the part time job too. More fingers crossed and a couple toes.

Got more done today, boxes are sorted into organized piles so I can go room by room.  I can’t believe how many boxes are going into the studio.  I’m worried I won’t have enough room.  Will still have to store a few things.  OMG.  But that is the one place where cutting back would be a mistake.  C’est la vie d’un artiste.

Off to bed.  I think I’ll sleep well tonight.  Yes indeed.

2 thoughts on “I Survived

  1. Good for you! Sounds like you all rocked it out!

    Our moving day is Friday. With some extra money I had I hired folks. We live on the fourth floor, no elevator, and I am just too old to be dragging all that crap down the steps and then up three flights on the other end.

    Enjoy your new digs!

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