Growth Spurt

Miss Mitty has been adjusting to the new digs fairly well.  I left her with my folks while I was doing the bulk of the work  and recovering from the fibromylagia (still need to work on that, feel like crap again this morning).  They adored her.  Smitten in fact, said she’s so affectionate.  And she is.  Very affectionate. Just don’t try to get her to sit on your lap or hold her.

She has spent some time hiding in a couple places that I had to discover but she mostly only does that when I’m gone.  Otherwise she’s my little shadow.  Like right now, sitting at my shoulder on the couch (I’m on the floor typing on the laptop) purring like crazy hoping to talk me into a bit more vanilla yogurt.  Which of course she did.


When Miss Mitty first asked to come live with me she was very shy and scared and that was a lot of stuff she wasn’t comfortable doing.  At first she refused to eat unless I was in the room watching her back.  Wouldn’t get up on the bed between me and the wall, had to be able to run at a snap.  Liked living under the bed, in the closet, behind the couch.  No way could I pick her up.

She wouldn’t eat anything but kibble when she came to live with me.  I tempted her with chicken and tidbits and the best of the canned kitty foods but no go.  Over time she started to like two things.  Chicken, plain, and Taco del Mar’s pork tacos.  So we started eating together regularly.  I turned her into a beggar.  And she can be a shameless beggar too.  Stretching and rolling and basically saying I am too beautiful for you to ignore, so charming that you will give me what you are eating.  It’s pretty hilarious actually.  Even so, the vet said last week that she could stand to gain some weight.

In the last 3 months or so every once in awhile she lets me pick her up without a struggle.  And sometimes if she missed me very much she will put her head alongside my neck and let me hold her and calm her for a minute.  But then she leaves.  I have to be very careful how I read her because this is still pretty rare. Even rarer for her to purr when I do it.

She now has two purrs.  One when she’s basically comfie.  The second is a Power Purr.  She really turns it on when she wants something.  Food or a good loving.  She’s walking back and forth behind me as I type and when I grab the spoon to get more yogurt she does the Power Boost Purr. purrpurrpurrPURRPURRPURRPRRRRRRRPPPPP

But the one thing that freaked her out more than any pet I’ve ever had?  Getting under the covers of the bed.  She would actually yowl and claw and totally freak out.  I had the scratches to prove it.

This morning I woke up find her sleeping beside my pillow.  Never done that before.  Not once, not ever.  It was nice.  Then she took her nose and nudged the comforter.  ?  So I lifted the covers fully expecting her to freak and run as usual and without hestitation she simply walked right under the comforter, lay down, and looked at me like she’d done this all our time together.  ?  So I let the comforter fall and cover her over and she stayed there.  For only 3 seconds but she very calmly walked out as though she did this all the time.

Congratulations Miss Mitty!  You have entered the world of serious comfie snoozes.  I’ll be curious to see how long it takes her to do it by herself.

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