Quickie Update

omg.  I am almost never online these days.  Have a little time right now while I wait for a potential client meeting.  Splitting headache too.  Sheesh, the headaches returned after I moved and while I had a few days respite after my acupuncture, I think I need another session.  The weather has been all over the map and I figure it’s partly barometric pressue and partly stress.  Still looking for a solid job.  Interview tomorrow but it won’t be enough.  Not at this rate.  So yeah, stress.

Let’s see.

  • On the 10th I go to the full moon to see how I fit in with the coven.  The other fellow withdrew for the year so it’s just me.  I might get an answer sooner.
  • Miss Mitty and the other kitty, Sophie, have met and are calling their lawyers as a friend says.
  • Studio is organized except for the fabric is still in boxes but that went pretty quickly which means…
  • I need to get busy for Yule.  It will be a very light present year this year, which is probably a good thing but I wish I could do more.
  • Sleeping better
  • Eating better
  • Gas is cheaper (I’ve got serious mixed feelings about that)
  • I got through the M’s on my blog roll, woefully behind reading about you all.  Soon.
  • Life is good

I’m in good shape for the interview tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers that I’ll have at least a 4 month part time job asap.  I’d like more so I could get medical prescription benefits as my migraine meds are $200 for 9.  OMG.

I know it’s coming but goodness…

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