The New Studio

I’m back!  It seems that the exhaustion and depression that has engulfed me the last two months is over.  I’m busy, not at a paying job, but keeping busy none the less.  Applying for as many jobs as I can find that I qualify for, making Yule gifties, getting my house, literally, in order.

And the best thing about this new situation?  Is the studio room.  It isn’t big but it is all mine. With built in shelves galore, a hardwood floor, and two small but ample windows, I’m in heaven.  I found yesterday that my hunch that creating would be so much easier if I didn’t have to dig everything out from storage or hiding every time I wanted to use it was true.  I did all kinds of things yesterday.  Which I will show you this week but today I want to show off my room.

This was my studio before.  Yes, the coffee table.  That was it.


My housemate painted all the rooms this warm golden hue, Peanut.  While I might prefer a different color for my bedroom, the color works very well in here.  Down a long hall at the back of the house I am away from all the noise of daily life. Yes!


The tapestry was a gift from my brother and sister in law two birthdays ago.  It is a real tapestry, not an embroidery or the like, from France.  The green square on the wall in a pentagram surrounded by a sun wheel and is my little daily altar.  The filing cabinet to the left was my grandfather’s when he was a judge.  It now holds fabric. My grandmother’s sewing basket is on the bottom shelf in the center.  My kitchen table is now a work table.


Some of the fabric.  Three piles of velvet, two of linen, one of wool.  The bins below hold more wools and specialty cottons, silks, and the like.  I will eventually replace them with clear bins.  The fabric on the counter top has been moved to another bin and the computer resides on the work table when I’m using it and off to the side of the counter when I am not.  Yes!


Built in shelving.   And for those who are wondering about neatness and order, yes, I am always this neat.  Each box is labeled with the stuff that it has in it.  Thread, perl cotton, metals, trims, buttons, paint, etc.   I love having the iron up all the time.  OMG.  Such a small thing and such a hindrance when it is stashed somewhere and a production to just iron a shirt.   I pick up a new bookshelf from a friend tomorrow, free to me, which will go on the opposite wall and house more fabric (less bins) and the like. Since this is a basement room and it is not flooded with light I won’t have to worry about fabric fade.   Squee!!!!  Me so happy!


7 thoughts on “The New Studio

  1. Nice place, and glad to read you’re on the mend. I’m sure the job situation will work out so enjoy the down time while you’ve got it!

    I love you too!

  2. This is fab! I love the tapestry, by the way. A woman playing a harp, is it?

    I think it’s an organ of some kind. A take from the famous Unicorn Tapestries. Which I saw in person in Paris at the Cluny Museum. The originals are gigantic! And the unicorns are much larger too. 😉

  3. It looks awesome! So happy for you that you have a whole room for your creativity. Isn’t it wonderful? When we moved into our house 4 years ago, I finally got a room for my crafting and I just love having it. And I organize my stuff very similar to the way you do.

    PS- I got my surprise gift in the mail over the weekend. THANK YOU!!! I absolutely love it, it is so beautiful. You made my day!

    So glad to hear that! I didn’t know what the best thing would be. Hugs to you, I know where you are at too btw.

  4. Oh that’s marvelous. I find a nice neat workspace to be very inspiring.

    Not that I ever, ever, ha ha oh ho ho, realize that goal myself. Still, it’s inspiring to see other people’s spaces!

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