So Mote It Be ~ Cancer this week

I’ve got three related questions for you, Cancerian. 1. Are there any roles you play in which your selfish and unselfish tendencies overlap? 2. What situations allow you to be most completely yourself as you provide a fine service to others? 3. Which of your skills generate the most blessings and gifts? The next 12 months will be a favorable time for you to identify these roles, situations, and skills, and cultivate them to the max. You’ll have prime opportunities to express your special genius while doing good deeds.

Well, blessed be. I have yet to answer these questions, except in terms of my sobriety, but this is good food for thought. I could really use 12 months of favorable times.

Planning on working with Hermes/Mercury tomorrow for the full moon. Ritual focus? Gainful employment. ASAP.

Going to make up an incense for Mercury and see what we can do.

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