Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn squares Uranus. How rooted and rigid are you?? This aspect will test your resistance to change, as set patterns get disrupted and sudden reversals of fame. fortune and career become de rigour. If you’ve been biding your time and *putting up with things meanwhile*, things can get sooo frustrating now, that you’ll HAVE to bust a move. Yes, it’s true *the culture* can try to block our creativity and routinely thwarts our brilliant ideas for change, but it’s also our vacillation between holding to the socially conservative program and taking the radical stance that blocks our continued progress. Trying to find a new method might also meet with delays and difficulties now–the harder you push, the more resistance you’ll meet; this bed has been in the process of being made for quite awhile, and to just let you off that easily would be a mistake, and Saturn insists we learn something. First, slow down, Saturn (especially in Taurus) asks that you respect the process. Think about how big a part fear plays in keeping you from trying new things. Plan for some creative changes, celebrate your individuality, and start to break free. The more confidently you can be your quirky self, the more freely you can move and shake the culture.

This last pass of the Saturn-Uranus square turns up the frustration level to ultra high, without lessening your workload. Squares happen and when they do, they cause enough pressure to create enough frustration to MAKE SQUARES HAPPEN!! This week (and this has been building for almost a year), be on the watch for computer viruses and other technical breakdowns. Internal and external security systems can be disrupted unexpectedly, and while plans and businesses can experience upsets, your workload won’t be any lighter; in fact, you could feel more weighted down with more career pressures than usual this week and next. You can also be suddenly aroused and awakened to do something original and authentically YOU that makes a significant and positive and liberating change in your work, your goals, and your future.

Fer cryin out loud!

As if things weren’t hard enough.

Let’s see, how has the week gone:

  • The person who requested a phone interview for Monday called.  Not Monday. Not Tuesday. But Wednesday afternoon.
  • The phone call occurred in the one hour when I lost internet connection due to the weather. Thanks Clearwire.
  • She said “call me as soon as you’ve reviewed the sample e-newsletter I sent you.
  • Oh, you’ve never had problems coding for Outlook? All the developers are saying it’s terrible.
  • Don’t call me after all, I’m calling the headhunter to talk to them about this matter.  (WTF!!)
  • Do a Google search and find out that as usual it’s tech saavy developers freaking out because their fancy flash and css pages won’t load in Outlook. BFD.  They don’t load for most email readers asshats.  Simple html tables and embedded styles work just fine.  Freaking out the rubes again.
  • Sent a nice email explaining what I had discovered, figured I had nothing to loose.  No word back.
  • The state has made my health care provider remove all uninsured people from using their web site to order prescriptions and requests appointments with physicians, even though the said person, ME, is willing to pay full price to do so.  Grrrr.
  • All 1-800 numbers to said health care provider are out of order due to a high volume of calls (got one word for them, website, frikking state) and not enough staff to answer them thanks to the city being blanketed with snow yet again.  And they expect more Sunday.
  • And now Obama has chosen an Evangelical Christian to speak at the inauguration.  WTF???

You know, life is good. Really. Challenging but heart warming none the less. But dang if business isn’t hard to do lately. Everything that could have a hitch in it’s gitalong has a hitch. Oi mee.

So to heck with it.  Between now and Christmas I will be taking care of myself, giving myself some much needed nurturing.  What do I want to do?  All the gifts have been made and those that needed to be have been shipped and have actually arrived.  Yay! I’m going to go through my closets and see if there is anything in need of attention.  Repairs, embellishments, that kind of thing.  Any new projects I want to start dreaming?  Any old projects I need to start finishing? I’m going to light a roaring fire.  I’m going to watch Xena and Firefly.  I’m going to eat amazing sandwiches and drink hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.  Maybe that Chicken Soup for the Soul idea will bubble up to the surface.

2 thoughts on “Saturn Square Uranus

  1. I totally love your willingness to say “to hell with this!” and hunker down with hot chocolate and “Firefly.”

    Might as well, right?

    I hope all the nurturing does good things for your spirit!

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