Winter arrives

We have had snow here in the Pacific Northwest and are in the middle of a projected two week cold snap. Very unusual for this part of the world.  Maybe not having a snow but a two week coldsnap especially in December is odd.  And they expect two more snow dumps before it’s over.  I know, some of you think this is for wimps but hey, according to the news it is Storm Watch 2008!!! Oooooooooh.

I”m busy around the homestead making stuff.  Was commissioned to make a carry all for a friend for Yule and have my own Yule gifts to continue working on.  Staying warm, waiting for the phone to ring.

I have a good possibility, really the best one so far, job wise.  I registered with a contracting agency back in September and they contacted me last week about a job that is short term temporary but has the potential to become permanent.  The hiring client wanted a phone interview with me yesterday and has yet to call.  She has either found someone she likes and that was that or she is a flake.  Or she has some other really sensible reason.  If she does contact me and is interested in hiring me I will definitely take the work but it’s hard to say more than that.  I don’t like it when people treat my time as so much less important then their own.

So, I sit and stitch and read and stitch and dream and look for work and dream while the days grow ever shorter and darker.   Dreaming of living in that castle…

3 thoughts on “Winter arrives

  1. Hope you find that dream job real soon because this chateau is for sale! It was originally built in the middle 16th century, and they’ve nearly finished the current restoration. It sits all alone in the forest above our village. Bewitching!

    Oh man! I wonder if they plan on insulating the attic. Shouldn’t the roof be white? If they do that it’s mine! *laugh*

  2. So, when are you moving? I’d vote for late spring, so you don’t have to move through the snow.

    What a beautiful image and place!

    We started to get some slushy, icy bits here in Maryland this week, which I actually really like (especially since I usually only take public transit and don’t drive a whole lot).

    I hope that job (and/or the right one!) comes your way soon!

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