Today was payday. Not a large one but one due from my small hour job at the University. For some reason I didn’t get paid. I can only assume that the person who was supposed to process my time sheet didn’t bother to do so before the snow hit and then the university closed for three days due to inclement weather. Unheard of. So no money for me the day before the holidays. Won’t get it until January 10th. OMG.

I. Just. Can’t. Take. This. Much. Longer.

Snowed in for 6 days, got out for some groceries yesterday so that is good but from now until the first week of the year there won’t be many job opps and chances are slim that I’ll get any calls for interviews. Housemate out of town until next week. Dad’s Birthday dinner for tonight was re-scheduled for Sunday due to even more snow today. Cabin fever and no money to spend if I could get out.

I’m starting to get seriously depressed and scared. I shouldn’t be sitting here, alone, on Christmas Eve crying. But so I am. I really need a fucking break.

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