Silent Night ~ Holy Night

I am indeed a fortunate woman. Just when I think I can’t take one more thing someone(s) comes along and does something kind that helps.

No doubt I’ve had cabin fever. Almost two weeks without a meeting due to what seemed to be neverending snow. Ack! Not getting out much, too much alone time, cat’s that have begun writing their lawyers again, Miss Mitty especially has flipped between hating me deeply and loving me muchly.

My brother called and we had a nice talk. He was leaving in the morning for Budapest and wanted to check in with me. Give me a pep talk. I love my brother, it meant a lot to me.

I filled in for a cat sitter for a friend down the road, walking distance, the sitter couldn’t get through the snow. And the friend insisted I take the money that was left for the sitter. $50 cash. That was a nice boon. Little bits, little bits.

A ride from my sponsor’s husband to their house for a full day of family Christmas insanity. OMG. Some folks still do tons of presents for the holiday. Four generations and total pandemonium. It was just what I needed. I so needed to be around people; happy, sober people. Lots of life, lots of light, and the dinner, prime rib with all the trimmings, was so good I could barely move. After grace led by 7 year old Signe they all started singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing and they all forgot the words two lines in. So I sang the whole song for them. And then laughed and said it was funny that it was the Pagan who knew all the words. Fortunately they thought that was funny. HAR! I *love* Christmas music but until then hadn’t felt like singing it. Go me.

I’m back home to my tidy and quiet house, cats are fed which makes them happy, Miss Mitty especially, it’s the one thing that stops her from writing letters, the new gooshy food she’s been getting to gain weight. Whatever it takes. Watching Little Miss Sunshine because it makes me laugh and reminds me of my family, who I adore and who is funny and weird and who adore me too.

The snow is melting and I’ll easily make my meeting tomorrow night. I feel better if not richer but one day at a time right? All my needs are met. I’m warm, dry, content, and glad to be alive even with all.

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