And the damn begins to break

Things have been so stagnant of late. It’s been very difficult to be patient. The snow began to melt a couple days ago and today it was actually very clear. I got out to the folk’s for a belated birthday and Christmas lunch. I actually haven’t felt this good in a very long time. I feel clean. Free. As though something is going to happen. The job is coming. I can feel it. I don’t know why I feel it now when I didn’t just last week or last month.

After lunch I went to the High Priestess’ house. I knew that the vote at the coven was 100% yes. But she had some things she wanted me to talk to her about. And we did talk. And I now begin the work towards my initiation that is tentatively scheduled for April 8th. I wanted time to make some things by hand and to have the money together to get my athame. I’ve looked at athames for sale for a long time and so far haven’t found anything I liked that I could afford.

I have a lot of writing to do. It was suggested I get a fountain pen but it appears that it is getting very difficult to get a fountain pen that is inexpensive. Sadly Sheaffer has discontinued their inexpensive refillable line and it appears so has everyone else. A trip to the bookstore tomorrow, they might have some art supplies that will suffice. It has to be new and if it’s refillable I don’t have to bless new pens but can bless all the refill cartridges at once and it’s easier. Otherwise I’ll have to bite the bullet and just bless new pens. Could be worse. After all the stress of the last few months it seems like such a small matter.

I am finally, after all these years of either not finding the right group or feeling the timing wasn’t right, I am finally taking the steps to take initiation and begin more rigorous training.

And so the work begins, things are starting to flow again, movement is happening. I feel as though the new year has begun already and that it is going to be a good one.

Oh. Kingstone.

2 thoughts on “And the damn begins to break

  1. Congratulations on starting that journey! I found initiation to be an AMAZING experience (not without its perils and all, but still).

    Not that you asked for it or anything, but if I may share one thing that surprised me about the process. It was so much more about my coming to terms with myself and all my parts than I ever expected.

    Rock it out, witch diva!!!

  2. Thank you! I know that this will happen. It’s weird, yesterday I pulled the Initiation rune. *laugh* I’m looking forward to this process. My experience has been that everything that challenges me, brings me closer to Me. And to do it with a coven of people who mean so much to me is not only an honor and a privilege but it also means that I will not be so alone as I go through it.

    I was thinking of you this morning and how I’ve come to value you. Glad you’re out there reading here.

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