Notes from the Universe

It’s the exact same for me. My love goes unreturned, I feel completely unappreciated, or some clown starts telling me what’s wrong with the world (my world!). And so, I have to remind myself that I am the Universe, that this is an adventure, and that one day they will come to know the errors in their thinking. And, not that it matters at all, but I secretly hope that on that day I just happen to be carried past them, sitting in my processional throne, followed by throngs of admirers, with all the Angels singing, “We are the champions, my friends…”<

You are the Universe, this is an adventure, and they will learn.

Tallyho, The Universe

hahahahahahahahah.  I needed that.

A difficult day. Even though I woke up with gladness that I have a fun casual date tonight, I also woke up a little emotionally hungover from Terry’s death and this job search deal.  I had a phone interview yesterday.  I hate phone interviews. They are next to useless if you can’t use body language or read body language.  I have no idea how it went because I had nothing to really get feedback from.  The job started out full time, they accepted my application, then dropped the job to 50% which still gives me full benefits but much less money, then they said phone interviews this week in person to those that move on next, now they’ve moved the in person interviews to the week of the 26th.  Even if I get the job the paycheck just keeps receding.

Man.  This is really tough.

I heard today that a family friend has offered, through my mother, to help me out in anyway he can if I need it.  It’s nice to know this is there just in case. If things don’t get going February is going to be bleak.

Such is this life we live.  Not the hardest place or body to incarnate into but certainly not the easiest.

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