A Sad Day

Now that my phone interview is over, I can allow myself to feel all the feelings that I’m experiencing today.

I received word two hours ago that a very dear friend, Terry, was killed in a car accident last night.  A single car accident. We don’t know more details than that.  He didn’t arrive home last night by a very late hour which was incredibly unusual so his wife, Karen, called a family member who works for Washington State Patrol and they went out looking for him.  And they found him, dead, his car down an embankment.

Terry and Karen were sober for many years.  They met in the program and loved each other very much.  Terry overcame the disease of alcoholism, regained the trust and love of his children, started his own baking business, survived two rounds with prostate cancer. His proudest moment in this life was walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.  A year before that she wouldn’t return any of his letters but she came to trust his sobriety.  He was a man who was secure as a man, he took me into his confidence and was very honest about all the problems that prostate cancer brings. His trust of me and his willingness to forgoe ego and simply get help from as many friends as he could was admirable and brave and it helped me gain trust of men.  He was a very funny man, a loving man, a family man, a Good Man.

Good God, Terry.  I know you are doing well where you are.  It was a good day to die. Your life was a miracle and things were going very well.  You had no unfinished business.  But I don’t think those of us you left behind are going to be all that well for a little while.

May the love of the God and Goddess give us the comfort we need.  May you continue to shine your light upon us even though we might not know it’s you.

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