The week in Cancer

We are all stupid,” wrote Mark Twain, “just on different subjects.” Ain’t that the truth? Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think about all the blanks in my education and the ignorance that pockmarks my understanding. The good news for me — and for all of you, my fellow Cancerians — is that we’re now in an astrological phase that’s ideal for getting a crash course in any subject we’re dumb about. If you’re brave and humble, you could fix several holes in your intelligence.

Ah Jeez.  ANY subject I’m dumb about?  Now there’s a list.   As usual, I’m a week ahead of my horoscope because the subject I’m absolutely the dumbest about ?  Is men.  I just don’t grok them, at least not the ones I seem to be drawn to like a magnet.  I don’t understand how they think.  I just don’t.  But then I’m still trying to figure out how *I* think.  It’s a pickle.  Once a cucumber, now a pickle, never to be a cucumber again.

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