Climbing up out of the Valley

and into the light.

All the flyers that I printed for the special package deal mini websites were gone when I left the event tonight.  If I can reel in 4, just 4, things are going to be very much better indeed.  These folks are all writers, members of the longest running writer’s group on the west coast.  They inspire me too.

The IRS owes me quite a tidy sum this year.  Woo!

I’ve got an appointment with a prospective client tomorrow, she said she was bringing her checkbook.  Woo!

M. and I had a very good talk today.  Friendship solidly reinstated, we are still one of each other’s favorite people.  All is not lost and that makes me feel very good.  I feel better today than I have a while.  Woo!

Starting to seriously think about a book.  My book…   eek!


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