This week in Cancer ~

Born in 1822, my great-great-great grandfather Edward Dembowski was a bohemian philosopher and columnist who led a revolutionary struggle to liberate Poland from plutocrats and foreign occupation. A feminist long before most European men entertained the issue of women’s liberation, he edited a journal that was the main organ of the “Enthusiasts,” who fought for women’s rights. He’s one of my heroes! I invite you, Cancerian, to delve into your own ancestry to see if there are inspirational role models like Dembowski. According to my reading of the astrological omens, it’s an excellent time to activate more of your dormant genetic potentials. One good way to do that: Use your imagination to establish psychic and spiritual links to your admirable forebears.

Well I don’t have to search very far for this one at all.  I got me some characters in my family tree.  All of whom I actually knew. Too bad I’m adopted.  No genetics going on there… But one can try fly none the less.

My uncle was quite a character here in Seattle. Died with 28 years sober, there’s a memorial to him at our local 12 step office.  He is worth a post all on his ownself.  Wore his silver hair long in two ponytails, crazy colored clothes, always causing a ruckus in the courts (lawyer with a mission and an attitude). There are so many stories…  The time he wore his pajamas for the school photo. His law degree over the T.P. with a sign saying in case of emergency use this… His sign on his office window, Alva the Lawyer…  Great local news article on him

Local city park named after the grandfather, superior court judge, one hand missing from a tragic trolley car accident, he was a wild one too.

My aunt used to hold the record for most successful summits of Mt. Rainier for a woman, something like 27.

I did make the local sports page front page when my hurdle relay team broke state record back in, what, 1974?

I’m working on thinking out of the box…

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