Wild One

I joined Facebook the other day. My High Priestess was on and I thought what the heck.  And I’m just amazed at how things have snowballed.

People I haven’t seen in years friending me out of the blue.  Old lovers, drinking buddies, holy smokes.  Many of them still drinking.  And many of them wanting to get together.  And I’m stunned.  First of all that any of them are talking to me.  Second, what on earth do we have to talk about? Glory Days?  This is just freaking me right out.  Almost all of them have photos of them still partying.  Yeach. I loved them back then.  Still  do.  But I think the memories will hold better if held at a distance.  I can’t help thinking so.

And this picture surfaced.

This was me in, what, 87? 88?  Check the glasses.   I’m in the red with the big ol glasses.  Oh wait.  On the right in the back with the lanky cutie wrapped around me.  He’s the only one I still really know. And that last shot.  God.  Me with a beer bong.  I think I remember that day/night.




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