I’ve surrendered. I’m packing up and moving out. In to my folks house. I will help them get their house cleaned out and ready if they decide to sell and go to a retirement community or to the much smaller house they own. In exchange for no rent. So we can all get our needs met. I’m putting a bunch of stuff in storage, downsizing even more than before, ruthless actually.

I’ve got two big storage boxes coming on the 28th. M. offered last night to help me load up the furniture which is a huge bonus. Hopefully by then I will have sold off most of it. Other stuff is going to thrift stores. I’m going to take as little as I possibly can on the 7th. Enough craft things so I can still create, although I haven’t been doing much of that lately. Reading and knitting and a few little things to get me ready for my initiation which is on the 11th. Everything is done and I pass it off to the High Priestess on Monday. My folks have made a bit of space for me in their basement that will allow to me to keep some tools and fabric supplies and wiccan supplies close to hand.

I have no idea how long I’m going to be there. Please Goddess, just let me keep the car.

This is an upsetting decision to make. I feel as though I’ve watched my life sift through my fingers this past year. And yet…

Part of is feeling lighter already. Some serious stuff is going out of my life right now and I’m kind of excited about not having to cart this stuff around any more.

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