And so it goes

I’m taking down my studio. *sigh* This is hard. It’s even harder to figure out what to take with me to use in the course of up to a year that my stuff will be in storage. And to figure out what I’m not taking with me and what I’m not storing. The bulk must be reduced.

I’m sick with a head and chest cold. Every time I sneeze or cough I pee my pants just a little. It’s so blessed fun.

I have my sale this Saturday on the 28th.

Friends come to help me fill up the portable storage lockers on the 4th.

I move into my parents house on the 4-7th.

I will be initiated on the 11th.

My mother has warned me that dad can be weird. I’m tired already. Thank goodness I have a life, friends, places to go, things to do when it all gets to be too much. And hey, maybe soon, I’ll have a real job too.

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