Cancer this week

I’m in quest of new role models. There’ve been some good ones in my life, and I’m grateful for how they’ve awakened me, but right now I need fresh heroes worth emulating. Know any? I’m not dogmatic about what I’m looking for, and am willing to be surprised, but here are a few qualities I admire: compassion combined with unpredictability, high integrity mixed with an intense commitment to creativity, and self-discipline blended with playfulness. I like smart talkers who are also savvy listeners, and people who have a balance of open-minded objectivity and emotional intelligence. By the way, what’s true for me is true for many of you, my fellow Cancerians: You could use a new role model, too, and it’s an excellent time to go in search of one.

Well, well, well. I am ALL those things. From this day forth, I’m going to be my OWN Role Model. So there.

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