Stayin in the flow

I’ve had this feeling for some time that Beltaine would be a breakthrough for me.   Don’t know why, I just have.

I have been doing all I can to channel the stress that is my life into positive pursuits but some days have been really challenging.  I’m glad that Beltaine is this week and full moon is next week. Lots of magical opportunities.  I know the magic has been working because my health (aside from migraines) has been most excellent, family and self have been protected, etc.  This one thing has been eluding me.  It’s hard under these circumstances to always keep the faith and to trust that I will receive the wonderful job with wonderful people with wonderful pay and benefits at a wonderful location.  In times like these I’ve felt willing to do just about anything even something I knew I wouldn’t enjoy, just to pay for the car and insurance and food and the like.

Three years ago I came out of an interview for the job of my dreams. Dream boss that was for sure and dream job too.  Dream location.  It was fabulous and I could see myself there many years into the future.  And then my boss’ husband got an offer he couldn’t refuse out of state and I lost my dream boss.  My next boss was pretty darn okay but then she left and the next boss was The Village Idiot (search to read my struggles with him).  I was not only sick and tired of dealing with TVI but I was somewhat broken hearted because it had been so idyllic.

I leapt and went freelance and it’s been pretty humbling financially.  But also its been pretty good to be away from nasty bossesses.

The day I got that job I was driving south for another interview with another company and I came around a bend in the freeway and Mt. Rainer was “out.”  That’s what we say here in the Pacific Northwest when the mountains are in full view, especially when the weather is sunny.  And I was struck with joy.  I got home and the job offer for that dream job was waiting for me.

So.  Today I went for my walk which is not as strenuous as it was a couple weeks ago.  Very steep downhill and uphill and then back.  And I’m not breathing anywhere near as heavy as I was.  Any way, I got to the top of the far hill where there is a gigantic evergreen of some kind, so large that it would take 3-4 people to encircle it with their arms.  I talk to it and stand beneath it and just enjoy it’s presence. And as I turned south, Mt. Rainier was “out.”  And I got this feeling that something had changed.

I came home and went to the computer to look for any new job postings.  And there, only an hour old, was a job at the university for a web specialist. In a department that I worked with very closely when I was an asbestos inspector.  I have buddies there.  So I revised my cover letter and resume and applied. And sent two emails, one to each of my colleagues.  Both work in the directors office, one as asst to the director and the other as the manager of all offsite locations.  They are top notch references I can tell you. And I’m on very good terms with them.

And I just got an email from the woman who I spent so much time with chatting, lunch, coffee.  She’s happy to hear from me. Has sent my resume to the computing manager she said, “Hopefully, you will get an interview and if you click with the manager, Diana, she will hire you!!”

Why wouldn’t they interview me?  My resume is most excellent, seriously.  I’m totally qualified. I see no reason that HR wouldn’t forward my resume on.  That has to happen, sending it to the department is just a head’s up. Diana began showing up in my life in a strong way about a month ago. I’ve been praying to Her, Diana, for a few weeks now and the prospective boss’ name is Diana?  Surely I’ll get an interview.   And hey, what’s not to like?  I’m a very friendly, warm, talented, skilled person who is a great team player.

I spoke with my HPs and she said that doing magic for this job specifically was fine since the job is vacant and I wouldn’t harm anyone in that way.  So here is a little candle magic I did some years ago to great effect that I’m going to do again.

To Get the Job You Want (job must be available)

Type up a letter that is offering you the job at the salary you want and the date you want it.  If you can approximate the letterhead even better.  If you know the name of hiring manager, even better.  Then, in red ink, draw a stamp across the letter saying “Hired.”

Fold the letter, place it under a candle and light that candle every day for an hour for seven days culminating on the full moon if you manage it. Otherwise 7 days in a waxing moon, otherwise just the next seven days.

Then burn the letter and let it go.

Wish me luck!


1 thought on “Stayin in the flow

  1. I’m wishing you all the luck I can muster! It’s wonderful to read you sounding so positive! Many Beltane Blessings!

    Andy! So good to hear from you. And to know you can read that little teeny font on my blog makes my heart very happy. Right back at you!

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